I Got To Move (“classic”)

I Got to Move“- the Incredible Casuals, from “That’s That” (Demon Records, transferred from vinyl by P.J. O’Connell)- recorded by Rikki Bates. This is probably the most commonly heard version of “I Got To Move”, which I think of as the Prince version (apparently a phase I was going through at the time!), and it’s from the original British vinyl version on Demon. (I can’t find any other date for “That’s That” than 1987, but there was about a year between the British release on Demon and the American release on Rounder, so it’s all a little hard to pinpoint, but my guess would be that the Demon version came out in 1986, and the Rounder version in 1987. I know, fascinating!)

The album was completely re-mixed in 2005 for CD release in Japan on Caraway; the intention was to bring out the vocals a little and back off on the effects and the high end (mainly my idea, I confess), which worked fine on some cuts, but listening tonight, I kind of prefer the wilder earlier version (more Rikki’s doing), which also includes less doubling on the lead vocal. Bravo, da Voop!

On deck for next week: the Casuals’ unreleased dub version!!

I Got To Move (“classic”)

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