I Got To Move (dub version)

I Got To Move (dub version)” -“That’s That” outtake, recorded and mixed by Rikki Bates, 1986-ish. Actually, I think I might’ve had a hand in mixing this one, too -seem to remember being in on it in Robert MacNamara’s basement way back when -but it was basically Rikki’s deal, and I absolutely love it, have always wanted to release it, don’t know why it has taken so long; I suspect we might’ve put it on the “That’s That” CD if we’d had a master mix handy (this one’s actually recorded off a cassette, unfortunately, but still sounds pretty good.) Great fun to do, back in the days before automation when you needed a few hands to do a complicated mix, just always loved it, great job by da Voop, glad to finally get it out somewhere, and I think it makes a perfect conclusion to the “I Got To Move” series!

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