Hey Santa!

Hey Santa (Mardi Thing, Xmas version)“- recorded and mixed by Chris Blood at the 2015 Cape Cod Christmas Cavalcade for the Homeless at the Jailhouse Tavern function room, Orleans, MA., Dec. 13, 2015. -A little something from last year’s Cape Cavalcade show, which was one of the best, this one was a Christmas adaptation of an instrumental we’d just started doing this time last year called “Mardi Thing.”

One of the problems with Christmas is that it tends to blot out everything else. For instance, in December, we play so much xmas music that a lot of our regular material falls off the map a bit, and by the time we get to January, sometimes the regular catalog is in dis-repair, especially the newer material from the fall that we were so excited about, which is why in this case I just appended a Christmas lyric to this blatantly New Orleans-ian instrumental just so we’d have a good excuse to play it a couple more times in December! So this version is from when the song was brand new and sloppy as hell, but you can sure tell everybody’s having fun, enough so that we may bring this sucker back again this year!

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