Catbirds Live Video “Monkey Jones”

Monkey Jones” – the Catbirds at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester, MA, January 27th, 2017, shot by David Ethier for “Fuzbrains Presents”.

Boy, did we have fun playing at Ralph’s Diner last January! Hadn’t played there in years, since early Casuals days I think, had completely forgotten what it was like, which is a perfect rock n roll dump a la the Rat or CBGB’s -miracle of miracles, a place you could play as loud as you want, w. a nice little stage w a little room to roam, ok lights, ok p.a. (including the greatest mike stands in history: the drum mike hanging from the ceiling, and the bases for the other mikes made out of used car parts)… something about it being January made it even better, we loved it! Unfortunately, we didn’t even achieve our goal of making gas money, so it may be a while before we pass that way again (gotta at least make gas money… after all, we have our standards), but damn, we had a ball!

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