Watch Out for That Rut, You Fool


Watch Out For That Rut, You Fool” – Chandler Travis; written, performed, and recorded by me in my car.

Among many past abandoned projects was the one where I wanted to record an album in my car. I figured I could pick up other musicians for either overdubs or jamming; ideally, in its purest form, all of the songs would be written, performed, and recorded in my car while driving (maybe mixed and mastered, too, never got that far…) I talked to a couple friends about it, but if they had any sense they might’ve been reluctant to be my passenger during the recording; in any case, I never quite got around to making it happen, though I did record a few solo songs, including this one.

Actually, now that I think about it, I mostly ended up recording ads for a mythical liquor store called the Liquor Locker; I don’t know why, I just got going on this one character who did these fictional ads. Maybe we’ll release some of these here someday, if the driving album never comes to fruition.

By the way, I still think it’s a pretty fabulous idea -seems to me it takes the DIY ethic a step further – so please don’t steal it. At least not until after I’m dead (if there’s any justice, in a tragic car accident.)

Watch Out for That Rut, You Fool
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