You’ve Got A Friend in the White Prince


You’ve Got a Friend” – the White Prince with orchestral accompaniment by the Brain Bats of Venus (aka the Incredible Casuals), recorded live at the Marbledale Pub, Marbledale, CT., by Chris Blood, circa 1983 or so (contrary to what it says in the liner notes!) From “The White Prince Story: You’ve Got a Friend”, just re-released today as I write!


The song that started it all! This is a recording of the White Prince’s first attempt, from before he even knew he was the White Prince, back when he was still plain, humble Chris Blood. Over thirty years ago, back when Steve Shook (credited here as Bib Whiz) was our only guitarist, pre-Spampinato, even!

Don’t know what got this whole idea going; it might’ve been the day we erroneously went to another venue somewhere in CT. and got all set up before we figured out we were in the wrong bar entirely. Broke down, drove fast to the Marbledale, set up all over again. Oft times, the best ideas are borne of utter exhaustion.

You’ve Got A Friend in the White Prince
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