I Saw a Picture of You

painting by Paulette Humanbeing


I Saw a Picture of You“- the Chandler Travis Three-O at the Dreamaway Lodge in Becket, MA., April 14, 2014, recorded by The Valet, aka Fred Boak.

Another in the endless series of discarded songs. I actually like this one pretty well, but it’s always harder to find spots for the moody, quiet ones than for the more boisterous variety, dammit. This was the first time we played this one, and it’s relatively tight all around: Fred sang great, Berke played some delightful bass clarinet (and instrument we’ve got a serious crush on, and are always trying to find more spots for), and John contributed some very fine bowing.

We love the Dreamaway, which is home-y as all hell; we play in a very cozy little living room, and always use as little amplification as possible, and the shows are occasionally interupted by the head honcho, Daniel Osman, with bad jokes, good cheer, and welcome urging to contribute to the tip jar. Great place to have dinner, funky, rustic, and delightful (supposedly, it was once a brothel, and some of Bob Dylan’s stayed over and shot a few scenes for “Renaldo and Clara” here); it’s especially fab in the fall when it’s foliage time.

If I remember correctly, we debuted about four new songs that night; one of the others has already graced “Song of the Weak”, another probably more justly discontinued item mis-leadingly entitled “Wedding Prayer.” (I think one of the others was “Ruby My Dove”, also a pretty good one, also fallen by the wayside, but perhaps more likely than either of these to be revived.

I Saw a Picture of You
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