Live at The Cutting Room (A Special “Song of the Weak!!!” Album)

The Chandler Travis Philharmonic at the Cutting Room, Nov. 20, 2013 – recorded by Fred Boak (room mike and pre-mix) and Gerard Hoffman (live board mix.) CTP: Rikki Bates, drums; Fred Boak, bg vox; Dan Brantigan, trumpet; Dinty Child, mandocello, accordion, bg vox; John Clark, string bass, bg vox; Quinn Cox, trombone; Berke McKelvey, clarinets, saxophones, bg vox; Cliff Spencer, keys; Chandler Travis, guitar, vox.

I’ve always wanted to put out a serious live Philharmonic album (as opposed to some of the not completely serious RadioBall live albums), but the problem has always been a.) that I so much prefer working on studio recordings and b.) that we just have way too much great stuff, 20 years worth or so, to weed through. So, until we solve that problem, here’s an almost totally unedited (except for getting rid of some chatter and dead air between songs) excerpt from a show at the Cutting Room from a few years ago. It was recorded ten days after we went into Dimension Sound to do most of the band tracks for “Waving Kissyhead“, and features kind of a cool version of “I’m Chandler’s Butterfly”, plus fine playing from all concerned (especially Ms. Rikki Bates!)

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