A Brand-New Variety of Travis/Greenberger Collaboration!


When It Started It Seemed Like a Joke but Then It Just Got Long and Boring” by David Greenberger, 21 June 2017 (ink and colored pencil on paper, image area 7.25 inches square.)

In a marked departure, this week’s Song of the Weak is a drawing by one of my favorite artists and lyricists, David Greenberger, accompanied by a recital of the text by myself. So what we’re really getting is not only a Drawing of the Weak, but a Recital of a Drawing of the Weak (pretty much unprecedented, in my experience!)

What happened is this: David did this drawing sometime last week, and sent it to me, and I responded that I “fucking love it”, and he remarked that “All it needs now is your dramatic reading of it”, which now is no longer true.

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