The Third Thing (home demo)

The Third Thing“- Chandler demo, recorded at Fields Aplenty, Truro, MA, probably in May, 2017.

Most recent entry in our long running series of instrumentals with the word “thing” in the title, and definitely a ripoff of the general vibe of “The Third Man Theme”, which I’ve always loved; not sure yet what we’re going to do with this on stage, but will be keeping the Nairobi Trio (from the Ernie Kovacs show) in mind.

I’m not the only one to try to rip off the general vibe of “The Third Man Theme”- Alexandras Desplat got it right and then some on a track called “Mr. Moustafa” from the soundtrack to “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, one of many great Wes Anderson movies. For further study (on both great soundtracks and great movies), I very much recommend “Zorba the Greek” and “America America”.

The Third Thing (home demo)
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