Bud and Froony


Thank You Song” – Ct demo, circa 2008, recorded at Kelp Manor. From the new album “Bud and Froony“, a collection of songs written and recorded over the years for various Travis family occasions, most of which started life as Chandler demos, but the Incredible Casuals and the Chandler Travis Philharmonic also make cameo appearances.

The “Thank You Song” was probably my folks’ favorite song of mine, and supportive though they were, they didn’t love all of ’em by any means. But god, I loved ’em, and I’m glad if I somehow managed to be properly grateful while they were still around, because they really did somehow manage to be pretty fantastic, all in all.
Bud & Froony.

Faaaabulous steel guitar work by my buddy Jon Graboff on this one, one of my fave folks, never get to see him enough.

Bud and Froony
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One thought on “Bud and Froony

  • August 4, 2017 at 9:09 am

    I just lost my mom at the end of May. It was unexpected. She was 84. My dad passed several years ago. This song pretty much expresses my feelings toward them as well.
    I couldn’t have had better.
    Thank you.


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