Hold Me In Your Arms

Hold Me In Your Arms” – Chandler Travis with Jon Evans (string bass) and Jerome Deupree (drum); recorded at the Provincetown Town Hall, April 15, 2017, by Chris Blood.

I had never heard of this Eddie Holman song until this year, when my longtime friend and colleague, Rob Hart (the Bully of Broadcasting), included it on a mix tape; I think it may have come from a British compilation that was mostly unreleased stuff. Anyway, I promptly went nuts for it, and still am, I think it’s fascinating both melodically and lyrically. I want all my bands to do it now, every day. I want to record it and shoot a video and someday everyone will agree it’s the best song ever, and remember that I was the first guy to go mental over it.

By the way, Eddie Holman’s big hit was “Hey There Lonely Girl”, which he apparently still sings the living crap out of (proof).

ps Fabulous bass work from Jon Evans on this one, a musician I rarely get to work with but whose work I admire greatly! This was the first time any of us ever played the song, having worked it up earlier that afternoon, w Jerome also sounding great as always. We were opening for Dave Davies, a longtime idol of mine, who was really quite wonderful, and a very affable fellow in addition

Hold Me In Your Arms
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