How Do You Keep Your Hair So Fluffy?


Fluffy“- the Chandler Travis Philharmonic at Valentine’s in Albany, NY, recorded Nov. 3rd, 2012 by The Valet (F.J. Boak)

Ok, so imagine you’ve just been hired to play a few gigs with the Philharmonic, most of whom you’ve never met, and one of your first tasks is to recreate controlled chaos in general, and in particular the considerable squirrels-in-the-attic hubbub of Ms. Rikki Bates; and then it turns out that the singer also wants you (a drummer, not a singer) to sing a song he wrote about himself called “Chandler Travis, King of the World”; welcome to Alex Brander’s week, folks!

And while we’re at it, for extra credit, here’s “Go Ahead and Burn” from the same show, a cover of the Bobby Moore & the Rhythm Aces classic… because we care!

How Do You Keep Your Hair So Fluffy?

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