O Pinchy We Hardly New Ye


O Pinchy We Hardly Knew Ye” – Chandler Travis, recorded and mixed by me, here, with surprise drum and bass programming and additional mixing by Christopher G. Brown, at his place.

My girlfriend has crabs, and a couple starfish, and a mantis shrimp, and too much algae, in an aquarium near her desk at work. Here’s an interesting fact about mantis shrimp:

“Mantis shrimps are mere inches long but can throw the fastest punch of any animal. They strike with the force of a rifle bullet and can shatter aquarium glass and crab shells alike.”

Which is to say, does not get along with others. Punches everyone, indiscriminately. Is a big pain in the ass to all. But the first of Punchy’s crab tankmates, Pinchy, somehow managed to co-exist with Punchy for many months, mostly by making himself scarce and burying himself in the sand. But a couple of days ago, after months of negotiations, Punchy finally got him good.

He was given a viking funeral.

This is his story, all second hand to myself and my collaborator here, Christopher G. Brown, who I’ve never met or spoken to; like me, he heard about Punchy and Pinchy from his girlfriend, Danielle, who’s a workmate of my beloved Belinda, and one thing just naturally led to another…

And here are some videos of Pinchy “in action”


O Pinchy We Hardly New Ye
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