Today is Backward Day!

Hey, the new Chandler Travis Three-O album, “Backward Crooked From the Sunset“, comes out officially today on all the digital music services (iTunes, emusic, Amazon, spotify, etc.), but we’d SO much rather you bought it directly from us at any of our gigs, or (second choice) from our merch page here at Chandler Travis World HQ; either of these options gets a lot more of your money directly to Us, which is exactly what we think should happen to most of your money from now on; this is a GREAT IDEA!! Plus, that way we go from not having much of your money to having at least some of it, and THAT’S GREAT, TOO!

Be sure to ask for it by name – operators are standing by.

Today is Backward Day!

One thought on “Today is Backward Day!

  • May 26, 2018 at 7:48 am

    Hooray! Getting a sneak listen via Stereo Embers article and ordering now.


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