Carambavirus Tip #2

EAT HEALTHY! You’ve got to eat healthy, and in a timely fashion! You have to have a strict regimen; like, for instance, here’s mine from yesterday:

2pm: The dawn of thought
3:30pm: Arise, glaring.
3:45 – 8:15: chat with friends
8:30: waffles
9 – 11pm: lounge; drink more heavily
11pm – 1:15am: try to disturb your girlfriend while she attempts to do her radio show from home (“Bubbles in The Think Tank” on Mixlr)
1:20am: popcorn and viewing
4am: switch to hot buttered rum
5am: retire early

Note no exercise of any kind, nor ingestion of anything not brown-ish; that oughta do it!

We can get through this together if we just take care of ourselves; and more crimes are committed by people who are awake, than by people who aren’t.

In the words of the great Donn Adams, don’t get any on ya!

You’re welcome.

Carambavirus Tip #2

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