A Three-O of Live Tracks from 2001

Winter’s Over“, “Can Can“, “Honeydripper” – the Chandler Travis Philharmonic at a Helliwell Spring Fling (apparently), Harwichport, May 1, 2001, probably recorded by Fred Boak.

Running into some odd scraps lately while rummaging through the archives, looking for other things, including these three tracks, recorded at our great friends the Helliwells back in the day (Trey started it, and many other parties there, and many other parties everywhere else, and these selections are very affectionately dedicated to him, missed like crazy forever, and to the rest of the Helliwell clan, still close, still beloved!)

I’m pretty sure we’ve issued “Can Can” and “Honeydripper” before, probably somewhere in the RadioBall series (could look it up on the CT/CTP Song Index, but haven’t (pretty handy little thing, though, thanks to The Valet); I did look up “Winter’s Over“, both there and on the Casuals’ Song Index, and was surprised to find it missing, as we played for decades, albeit mostly in the spring, the one time of year it’s really appropriate. Always liked the song, and the Casuals actually started a studio version of it back in the eighties in Philadelphia (the same sessions where we recorded “I Wanna Play Loud“, the “Your Sounds” version of “Records Go Round“, and “Band Fight“), but we never got around to finishing it up. As I write this, it’s April 16, and they’re expecting snow in Boston; maybe tomorrow will provide more seasonal weather! 

A Three-O of Live Tracks from 2001

2 thoughts on “A Three-O of Live Tracks from 2001

  • April 24, 2020 at 4:13 pm

    Hey Chandler! Ellie here. I hope that all is well up there! thanks for the music. Come on down south when all this shit subsides. Also, thanks again for returning my call, some months back. It was great talking to you, and I still think of Pat often. I also think of the olden days when the Casuals played Under the Street In Durham those times. Seems like only yesterday….. well ….maybe a short time ago?! Ha Ha .Cheers!


  • April 24, 2020 at 9:25 pm

    A perfect Friday nite at home!! My fav tunes to dance to with lots of horns like jazz fest. BYOB event at home in my cozy flannels.
    Really missed the hugs Chandler. Here’s a kiss


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