Channy & Johnny Live in London

“Where’s My Horse” & “Ou Est La Biblioteque”– Chandler Travis with John Clark at What’s Cookin’, London, UK, Jan. 22, 2020; shot by Belinda

John and I had a ball traipsing around in England last January, so much so that we may go back next year; this excerpt features a version of “Where’s My Horse” by Paulette Humanbeing (a much better version can be found on her brand new album, “The Many Mood of Paulette Humanbeing“, currently available for free on bandcamp); great fun having them Brits singing along on both this and “Ou Est La Biblioteque” (a Philharmonic version of the latter is almost ready to be unleashed on the general populace as well.)

Would also like to add a note about the great heroism of my erstwhile bassist, John Clark, who carted his string bass in various trams and taxis all over London on a bum knee with Lady Barringer Clark in attendance so we could do these shows, maintaining a stiff upper lip throughout -truly inspiring!

Channy & Johnny Live in London
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