Thinking of a Number

Thinking Of a Number” – Chandler vid w. special guest Mark Usher; shot at Babyland Lake by Belinda.

Short show, short song. The show I speak of is David Greenberger and Barbara Price’s new hit facebook series, “Thinking Of a Number”, available on Barbara’s facebook page. There’s about 65 episodes, all of which run between 40 seconds and a minute and a half, so you it’s possible to watch the whole season in one sitting, but more fun to spread it out.

I posted a different audio-only version of the song a few months ago; this one features my housemate Mark Usher, and our lake (technically just a pond), which we hope makes the whole ordeal better-er!

We made this one as our contribution to Quarantunes, a collection of new videos by New England acoustic musicians incl. Chris Smither, Dinty Child, Kris Delmhorst, and many more, assembled by my friend Alastair Moock to benefit the Massachusetts United Way Support Fund in helping Massachusetts families particularly hard hit by the goddamn stupid covid virus.Here’s the playlist of vids; here’s one by Sol Y Canto (with whom I was unfamiliar) that particularly caught my eye and ear; and perhaps most importantly, here’s a link to the Mass. United Way Fund page to make donations on!

Thinking of a Number
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