Up To Your Neck

Up To Your Neck“- the Chandler Travis Philharmonic

Mostly recorded by Chris Blood at Trout Towers, possibly March, 2008; mixed by Rikki Bates. Other participants include Mark Chenevert on sax, Rikki Bates on drums, John Styklunas on string bass, Dinty Child on vocal and mandocello, Keith Spring on organ, myself on guitar n vox, probably Bob Pilkington on trombone, and embarrassingly enough, I’m not really¬†sure who’s on trumpet; if anyone out there can clear up this little mystery, I’d be very, very grateful…!

Another song that sort of seems to speak to our current troubles in some ways, but actually is about something else entirely, this recording has been kicking kicking around for a dozen years or so, and the song goes back a few more. Always liked it a lot, and we’ve got quite a bundle from back then in various stages of unfinished-ment; maybe now’s the time!

Up To Your Neck

One thought on “Up To Your Neck

  • May 8, 2020 at 11:46 pm

    Yes love this too!! Takes me back in time to the big sound of THE BIG Philharmonic …
    so embarrassed not to remember his name but he is an amazing trumpeter and is Asian. Last memory of him was with his rabbit ears on


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