Fruit Bat Fun: Songs for Children of Crazy Persons

Fruit Bat Fun: Songs For Children of Crazy Persons” – by the Chandler Travis Peoples, featuring the Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Lippy Blappinklappy, Travis, Shook & the Club Wow, Ken Field & Friends, and the Trendsetters.

Once upon a time, some years ago, my beloved b suggested the idea of us making a children’s album, and at the time I didn’t like the idea, maybe partly because a few of my friends had just gone down that road, and I didn’t want to overdo it. Plus, I’ve never been great w kids, especially if they haven’t yet reached the dawn of sarcasm.

Then, a few weeks ago, a guy named Roger Sayre who has a sort of a kids’ radio show on one of my favorite stations, WFMU, called Double Dip Recess with Roger and Amanda, took a shine to a song of ours called “Thinking Of a Number”, so the idea kind of re-surfaced, and I suddenly noticed that about half of the songs I’ve recorded over the years could probably pass as kids’ songs anyway, if the kids were weird enough.

So, presto n voila n all that, a little bundle of kids’ songs, most of them culled from albums over the years w the Philharmonic, Travis & Shook, etc., plus new tracks, plus a guest shot from my buddy Ken Field, who had written a song with his wife, Karen Aqua, called “The Number Song” around 2008 or so for a book and album release that was supposed to help hispanic kids speak English. The Philharmonic filthed it up (musically and lyrically) and put it it on an album called “The Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows” about ten years ago, but never got around to working up this other terrific song Ken did at the time that I sang on, called “Friendship”, which appears here for the first time, along with two other new ones, “Thinking Of a Number” and the always popular “Ou Est La Biblioteque.”

I’ll sure be curious to see how this works out! Reasonably sure there’s no swearing on it at least… you tell me!

Fruit Bat Fun: Songs for Children of Crazy Persons

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