Song of the Weak Triple Play

“Bombogenesis”– the Catbirds at the Midway, March 1, 2020, shot by Grateful Doug- I kept thinking that the Catbirds hadn’t played out since February, but this vid says otherwise; any other conclusions you can draw from it apart from enjoying Grateful Doug’s dynamic camera work, are all your own.

“I Wanna Play”– Chandler Travis, Kelp Manor, – I’m guessing I couldn’t possibly have been as drunk when I recorded this as it sounds like I was; in any case, I’d forgotten this had happened, and with any luck, some day maybe you’ll be able to say the same. Maybe even later today!

“Love Story”– Chandler Travis with Tim Dickey, mandocello, recorded at Kelp Manor- I’d forgotten I’d ever covered this one, too, but it’s the first song I ever heard by Randy Newman, the first song off his eponymous debut, and I just think it’s an amazing and stunning piece of writing. I always loved the string arrangement on his version, particularly the last four chords.If you don’t like this version, you may still love Randy’s -that whole first album of his is just fabulous, and fifty years later, I still find myself asking the same question, which is how did he ever end up singing like that?

So far, I don’t know when this and “I Wanna Play” were recorded, but I’d guess sometime in the mid to late nineties. 

Song of the Weak Triple Play
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