Halloween Blowout 2020!

Halloween Blowout 2020! featuring:

The Catbirds- “Cheeseballs at Midnight” – recorded at Babyland, September 24, 2020- This Halloween season, let Steve “Woo Woo” Wood scare the kids in your neighborhood pants-less with the Catbirds’ creepiest recording yet! Say Woo, not Boo! Our infrequent rehearsals during the time of the dreaded Caramba!virus have been getting stranger and stranger: on this one, we turned out all the lights, and played as strange as we could- no song, no lyrics, just pure weirdness, and I feel like we achieved our goal… this one might be perfect to play on your front porch to welcome/horrify trick or treaters on Halloween…

Travis & Shook- “Bob vs. the Boogie Men, Chapter 7”– first issued as #4 in the Casuals’ beloved Inedible Casserole series (cryptically entitled “Sammy Davis Jr.”), this live recording is from the Roxy in Los Angeles, circa 1974, and also features the keyboard stylings Keith Spring (aka Mahavisnu John Casual); and I probably never would’ve gone down this path without falling in love with the early recordings of the Mills Brothers. I wonder if this was the night Groucho was there? (For zealots, there’s a lot of Travis & Shook recordings sprinkled throughout the Inedible Casserole series, as well as on our most recent excavation, “Memoirs of an Opening Act”.) 

The Chandler Travis Philharmonette- “Other Thing“; Allan Sheinfeld with the Chandler Travis Philharmonic- “Monster Mash“; and the Chandler Travis Philharmonic- “Vampire“- all featured and detailed previously in Song of the Weak’s 2015 Halloween Trifecta.

Halloween Blowout 2020!

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