More After She Left Outtakes!

Fall Into My Arms“- Chandler Travis – recorded by Chris Blood at Trout Towers (band tracks, circa 2008) and C.T. (overdubs, 2008 – 2020, Kelp Manor and Babyland.)

This is another outtake from the sessions for “After She Left”, that didn’t get even close to finished way back when, in part because it was designed to be too large and rocking to fit with the ballad-y material we had planned for that album, but also because I always thought it would make a great Casuals song, and hoped it might go that way, but though the band tried it once or twice, it never did.

So I dug it up last year, and then really got going on it the last couple weeks, adding guitar after guitar with the help of the Catbirds’ Mark Usher. We tried at least four different guitar parts for the hook (the guitar phrase after the title line), and ended up using all of them in one place or another, hopefully without gussy-ing it up beyond recognition!

I Like You” – also recorded by Chris and me, also an outtake from “After She Left”, and recorded on a similar timeline.

This is a cover of an Alan Arkin single (!!) from the late sixties that blew my mind when I first heard it many years ago – it may blow yours as well! His original version is certainly still the one to beat (and here’s a link to it if you’re curious), but we certainly had a good time taking a shot at it. This one still occasionally pops up nowadays in the Three-O, frequently as a feature for The Valet (aka Fred Boak), sadly unrecorded so far, but rest assured that he also certainly makes it his own!  

More After She Left Outtakes!
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