Two Pears

“2 Pears”– Chandler Travis (lyric by David Greenberger)- Well, I wrote this dippy little tune, and then sent it to Davey Baby, whose granddaughter Rae had recently had an adventure involving two pears, and voila! Seemed like a good thing to add to my recent children’s album, “Fruit Bat Fun: Songs For Children of Crazy Persons”, which, being a digital affair, you add to or mess around with however you want, forever! So I did. And then, just to make the whole experience even dumber, I added a different, orange-er version of the artwork as well (just in time for Halloween, and it’s the version Davey Baby prefers anyway), so now you can just pick your favorite, and I never have to make up my mind about anything ever! 

The whole album is free anyway, that way no one gets hurt (unless you’re kind enough to make a donation, then you might get hurt a little, depending.)

Two Pears
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