Sensuous Bedfellow

This erotic solo fantasia covers everything that can be done between a man and woman, plus many things that can’t. The melting hot swooping sounds of “Sensuous Bedfellow” make actually getting laid almost redundant, or at least way less urgent- it’s better than sex with almost anyone! Let Chandler teach you your way around the boudoir with this collection of his steamiest dreams, featuring nine new songs, plus five more re-mixed and re-imagined strap-ons!

You’ll never be completely alone again, sweating, panting, and engorged, all for the genuinely outrageous April giveaway price of $401.22!

Sensuous Bedfellow
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One thought on “Sensuous Bedfellow

  • April 1, 2022 at 2:28 pm

    How do I order CD”S??

    Do you offer financing? If so, I’d like to apply to borrow 10K!!
    That’s if 10 CD’s only cost 10K. xoxoxoxoxo


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