You Were the Best

You Were the Best” – Chandler Travis – from “Small Potatoes (The Incredible Expanding Album)” – recorded at Babyland, fall, 2021, with Rikki Bates on drums.

Just waxing nostalgic about lost friends and family, and so grateful for my incredible luck in both categories; nothing but sincere, but somehow so far this has ended up sounding too much like a beer commercial (not that there’s anything wrong with beer commercials, of course!)

The idea with “Small Potatoes (The Incredible Expanding Album)”, which includes “You Were the Best”, is that we’ll be adding an unspecified number of tracks by various unspecified line-ups to it during the course of the year, as we’ve tended to do with Song of the Weak (SOTW) albums for the last few years -this time, we’re just making it official! These albums sometimes end up being huge (the first, 2013’s “Song of the Weak!!!”, had 102 tracks on it, so I’m guessing that may have gathered tracks from a few preceding years; more typically, they end up being 20 or so, though last year’s, “eyebrows up”, was really more of an EP (just 6 tracks); plus, the selection can be pretty random/irresponsible, so it’s a crap shoot, but at least it’s a free crap shoot, though we always encourage donations, in the event you feel something is deserved. (And I suppose they may not be free forever- no promises!- but they are now.)

So that’s the deal- you pays yer money (or not), and you take yer chances (or you don’t!)  

You Were the Best
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