7 Inches in Heaven
Vinyl: 2015, Bubbles in the Think Tank Records

Chandler Travis: Blarble
Chandler Travis: Victroloa
Chandler Travis: Blarney Bubbles
Chandler Travis: Side 2!
Chandler Travis: Blarney Bubbles (outro)
(all unavailable elsewhere)

7 Inches & Other Delights
Vinyl: 2014, Bubbles in the Think Tank Records

Travis, Shook & the New Club Wow: Records ‘n’ Bubbles
(unavailable elsewhere)

Eponymously Entitled
Vinyl: 2013, Bubbles in the Think Tank Records

The Catbirds: Playin’ Records
(unavailable elsewhere)

The Petite 7 Inch Record
Vinyl: 2012, Bubbles in the Think Tank Records

Chandler Travis Philharmaniacs: Still Wanna Make a Record
(unavailable elsewhere)

Super Hits of the Seventies!
CD: 2012, WFMU

Chandler Travis Philharmonic: Right Back Where We Started From
(unavailable elsewhere: live version)

Music For the Kids’ Table
CD: 2010, Plimro Records

Chandler Travis Trio: Just Because We’re Kids
(unavailable elsewhere)

Get You A Healin’
Digital: 2010, New Orleans Musicians Clinic

Chandler Travis: I Want My Heart Back
(slightly different mix from “After She Left”)

A Christmas Miracle
CD: 2009, Plimro Records

Chandler Travis Philharmonic: I Wanna Rock Christmas
(unavailable elsewhere)

Cape Cod Covers, Vol 2: The Beatles
CD: 2007, Sedgewick Records

Travis & Shook: No Reply
(unavailable elsewhere)

Chandler Travis: If I Fell
(available as a bonus mp3 download, essentially the same version as on Radio Ball #20)

Cape Cod Covers, Vol 1: The King
CD: 2006, Sedgewick Records

Travis & Shook: Good Luck Charm
(unavailable elsewhere)

Holiday Heart: An Eclectic Aural Celebration of Christmas and Chanukah
CD: 2005, Volunteer Records

Chandler Travis Philharmonic: If We Can Just Make it Through Christmas
(essentially the same version as on “Another Christmas Gift for You”)

A Cape Cod Sampler
CD: 2005, CapeCorps

Chandler Travis Philarmonic: Saw it Comin’ All Along

The Shari Elf Tribute Album
CD: 2004, Friends of Shari Elf

Chandler Travis: I’m Taking Your Stuff

WOMR 20th Anniversary Celebration Concert
DVD: 2003, WOMR
VHS: 2003, WOMR

Chandler Travis & Tim Dickey: This is Home
Chandler Travis & Tim Dickey: Yo Tomo Mi Mano
(unavailable elsewhere: live versions)

Outermost Music: Celebrating Outer Cape Community Radio
WOMR 92.1 FM – Provincetown
CD: 2003, WOMR

Chandler Travis Philharmonic: Must Be Love
(same version as on “Tarnation and Alastair Sim”)

Midway Music Sampler – Vol 1
CD: 2002, Midway Cafe

Chandler Travis Philharmonic: Money Won’t Buy You Happiness
(same version as on “Tarnation and Alastair Sim”)

State of the Union 2.001
CD: 2001, EMF Media

David Greenberger: The Apes Lecture
(Chandler, Rikki, PJ O’Connell, and David Greenberger)
(unavailable elsewhere)

Just Passin’ Thru No. 3: From the HFS Archives
CD: 2000, WHFS

Chandler Travis: Nose For Danger
(unavailable elsewhere: solo/acoustic live version)

Hit the Hay, Volume 3
CD: 1999, Sound Asleep Records
Chandler Travis: When She Smiles at Me
(essentially the same version as on RadioBalls #10 & #20)

Happy Peninsula
CD: 1995, Charlie’s Music

Chandler Travis: She Knows How
(same version as on “writer-songsinger”)

Upsalapalooza (WFMU Live Music)
CD: 1995, WFMU

Chandler Travis: Chandler Travis, King of the World
(unavailable elsewhere: solo/acoustic)

Wavelength Infinity: A Sun Ra Tribute
CD: 1995, Rastascan

Travis & Shook: Enlightenment
(same as on “The Essential Travis, Shook & the Club Wow”)