A Bubala’s Special!

bubalas art

Bubala’s special!: the Chandler Travis Philharmonette with the GGs (Edwige and Sophie Yingling and Vanessa Rose) – “Gee the Moon Is Shining Bright“; with Vanessa Rose – “Can’t Help It If I Love You So“; both from Aug. 28, 2014; and by themselves, “When I Grow Too Old To Dream“, from Sept. 4, 2014, all [...]

Unidentified Flying Thing


“Unidentified Flying Thing” – Chandler Travis Philharmonette, Bubala’s, July 3 -recorded by The Valet. Lots of new songs this summer, holding off on most of them until we have better versions, but this one’s pretty good… It’s part of our “Thing” series of instrumentals that includes “Little Things”, “Thing Of It Is”, and a few [...]

Home Demo – “I Couldn’t Find Myself”

Song of the Weak - 2014

“I Couldn’t Find Myself” -Chandler demo. Hey, anyone wanna finish this one? Just did it last night… probably needs a bridge and some more lyrics… having a good time w my old high strung Guild that got pretty much condemned, so I’ve been keeping it in this really low, semi-slack key kinda tuning that’s been [...]

Midnight at Bubala’s – Celery for Everyone!


“Celery Stalks At Midnight” -Chandler Travis Philharmonette at Bubala’s, Sept. 1, 2011, recorded by The Valet. A rare Rikki Bates appearance at Bubala’s (although she’ll be there this Thursday as well), covering an old Will Bradley Orch. feat. Ray McKinley track that we all love… great for doing the Lindy Hop! Someone did a great [...]

Catbirds by the Beach

Beach Photo w Sam (photo by Rowland Scherman)

Here’s a couple minutes from the Catbirds recent show at Herring Cove beach in Provincetown a couple weeks ago (great venue, by the way, and the Philharmonic will be back to wrap up their series of concerts on the beach on Aug. 27), videotaped by Brian Tarcy, who also included some kind words (thanks, Brian!) [...]