Get Right Back Where We Started From

CTP - Ptown Film Fest 2016

In honor of our return to weekly Summer gigs at Bubala’s in Provincetown, here’s some a of the Philharmonic romping through Maxine Nightingale’s “Get Right Back Where We Started From” right across the street, in front of Spiritus Pizza, a week ago. We were playing on the sidewalk of as part of the closing party […]

When Can We Do This Again?

Introducing... (RadioBall #18)

“When Can We Do This Again” from RadioBall #18, “Introducing the Chandler Travis Philharmonic“; recorded live at Johnny D’s, June 17, 2000, by Dana Westover. This one kinda rocks a little, courtesy in part of the very fine rhythm section underpinnings of Rikki Bates on drums and John Styklunas on string bass. The CTP proves […]

A Man Who Walks On Air 2-fer: live video & home demo


“A Man Who Walks On Air” – the Chandler Travis Three-O, shot April 26, 2016 at the Harvest Gallery Wine Bar by Ron Daniels; audio is a my demo, so me playing everything, recorded at home..

Great Greenberger lyric; I thought we posted the demo of this not long ago on SOTW, but maybe […]


Three-O, Halloween 2015

  “HORSE” – CT demo, recorded May 13, 2016. This one was commisioned by my friend Dietrich Strause on the occasion of his friend Dan Greif’s bachelor party. Dan had written most of the lyric (along with instructions on how best to deliver it, years ago, but had apparently never quite got around to […]

Saw It Comin’ All Along (live 1999 @ The Midway)

CTP at Midway

“Saw It Comin’ All Along” -the Chandler Travis Philharmonic recorded live at the Midway in April, 1999, by Tom Lawlor -a vintage CTP slobfest; suggest heavy drinking prior to listening… is that a steel guitar in there somewhere? What th’?

Song of the Weak!!! 2016 by Chandler Travis Philharmonic


I Don’t Wanna Be Hoyt Axton

Hoyt Axton2

“I Don’t Wanna Be Hoyt Axton“- the Chandler Travis Philharmonic recorded live at the Midway, possibly sometime in February, 2002, by Tom Lawlor.

Maybe I was feeling old the day I wrote this, but I think I was thinking more about character actors in general, and how odd it must be to make your living […]

Not My Fault – Live at The Mews


“Not My Fault” -the Chandler Travis Three-O, shot by Ron Daniels at the Mews, March 1, 2016 -kind of an old favorite, and one of a series of songs I’ve written in which I’ve denied being responsible for anything, which is sometimes even true. (After all, say what you will about me, I’m not responsible. […]

The Catbirds “I Like Stuff (rehearsal)”

Song of the Weak!!! 2016

“I Like Stuff (rehearsal)“- the Catbirds, recorded at the Playman Mansion, February, 2016.

Well, I hadn’t ripped off Canned Heat yet, so, what the hell… guess no one’s safe anymore…

Song of the Weak!!! 2016 by The Catbirds

A Gift from the Easter Bunny: Great Moments from the Cutting Room

CT + Easter Bunny (crop)

photo by Rachel

  Great Moments from the Cutting Room: “I Can’t Find You” (Aug. 15, 2014) and “Bob What’s-is-name” (Nov. 20, 2013) – recorded by Fred Boak (room mike) and Gerard Hoffman (Sound board) – the former is sort of a moody, downbeat little thing I wrote with a nod to Wilco and […]

Bomp Ba Bomp – Live Video

Bomp Ba Bomp

“Bomp Ba Bomp“- the Chandler Travis Three-O at the Mews in Provincetown, MA, March 1, 2016, shot by Ron Daniels.

Well, of course when most folks think of the Three-O, I think the first thing they tend to think of is hip-hop, or occasionally da Ting, with the Bumpity Bump. Of course, this is the […]