I Don’t Wanna Work (home demo)

Song of the Weak!!! 2014

CT ruff demo from last night (well this morning, I guess, technically)

Was just thinking about what a hard thing it is, after the holidays and all, to get back to work and into the swing of things, and not wanting to. Which led to writing this extraordinarily disposable little ditty, which was simple enough, [...]

Merry Christmas 2013 from Cambridge and Rachel Jarvis

Percy Dovetonsils Presents: Christmas Mix 2013

This isn’t us, it’s lots of folks I dig… many thanks to all my fellow xmas music devotees from whom I pirated much of this, including Rob Hart, Ted Potrikus, Eddie Gordetsky, Decibel Dennis, Bubbles In the Think Tank / Belinda Rawlins, Phil Straub, PJ, Jodsworth the Valet (of course!) and anyone else I [...]





It’s sure not the Blizzard of ’78, but the timing and predictions of today’s snow has caused the cancellation of tonight’s Philharmonette show at Sally O’Briens.

Hopefully we’ll be back there early next year – keep an eye on our Dates page.

The Three-O visits the Interwebs

For those of you unable to see the Three-O at one of our upcoming shows, you still have a couple of opportunities to hear us (one of which even allows you to see us).

Earlier this week we visited the studios of Cape and Islands Radio, Cape Cod’s NPR station, to record an interview and [...]

The Evolution of Disappointment – Chapter Two

“Disappointment”- piano rehearsal with Berke McKelvey, March 1, 2012

I wrote and cut the songwriter’s demo of “Disappointment” on March 1st, and had my first rehearsal of it with Berke four days later. We weren’t working that night, so no John Clark on bass yet (I’ll bet we tried at at Joe’s Beach Bar aka [...]