“After She Left” back in stock

Happy Record Store Day, everyone!

It seems fitting that on this special holiday we should inform you that Chandler’s 2009 solo CD, “After She Left,” is back in stock after several months. We should have it at shows and it is now available again on our shop page.

Now’s your chance to get “Goodbye,” […]

Steve Shook Debut CD – Dignify

We here at Chandler Travis World Headquarters are excited to tell you that our good friend Steve Shook (Chandler’s musical partner for many years, both in Travis, Shook & the Club Wow and the Incredible Casuals) has released his debut CD, “Dignify”.

The CD includes 6 tracks and was produced by Kimon Kirk (who had […]

Debut CD from Chandler Travis Three-O

We’re now accepting orders for the Debut CD from the Chandler Travis Three-O, “This is What Bears Look Like Underwater” on our shopping page.

The Three-O (Fred Boak, John Clark, Berke McKelvey, and Chandler Travis -because what’s a Three-O without four people?)’s debut album is the classic length (twelve songs), plus a couple of fan […]

Blurt Oline – “After She Left” review

Chandler Travis – After She Left

Chandler Travis After She Left (Six Stars)

Blessedly, in this age of instant global communication and overnight YouTube/American Idol/Susan Boyle superstars, there are still such things as regional favorites. In their home bases, their followings have enabled them to keep going for years, even decades, honing their […]

Village Voice – Concert Preview (Rodeo Bar, 11/8/09)

The Chandler Travis Philharmonic

by Richard Gehr

Kitschy, excessive, rambunctious, and unfettered, Cape Cod songwriter Chandler Travis’s immodestly named nine-piece group is not unlike a classic-pop reflection of the late Sun Ra’s Arkestra. That being said, Travis recently released a rare and unexpectedly sincere solo album, After She Left, and will surely stir some of […]

The Noise (Boston) – “After She Left” review

Chandler Travis Sonic Trout After She Left 11-song CD

This ain’t your grandfather’s Chandler Travis, but it could be your grandfather, and that’s fine. Gone (just for the moment, mind yez) are the multiple horns, the whiplashin’ backbeat, the groan-inducing lyrical punnery (well, for the most part), the preposterous headwear, and overall circus vibe we […]

Barnstable Patriot – “After She Left” Review

Written by Kathy Szmit

It’s no secret that love is a complex emotion, especially when a romance comes to an end. Even when such endings are amiable, there is a bittersweet melancholy involved.

Cape Cod’s Chandler Travis knows this and makes it harmoniously clear on his latest CD After She Left. Like love itself, this […]

Schenectady Daily Gazette – Chandler Travis promises outrageous event

by Michael Hochanadel

Edition: Schenectady/Albany; Final Section: D: Life & Arts Page: D2

The Chandler Travis Philharmonic may be about the most fun you can have with your clothes on — as goofy and musically various as NRBQ (with whom they often performed) at their peak — peaks, actually — NRBQ had about four peaks. […]

Albany Times Union – A few questions for Chandler Travis

by Michael Janairo, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Boston Globe calls the Chandler Travis Philharmonic “Dixieland, pop, avant-jazz, rock…and fully over the top.” Around since the fall of 1996, CTP has created something like 3 million albums and more than 20 gazillion songs (OK, I exaggerate, but CTP is definitely prolific). CTP will be coming […]

Chandler Travis – After She Left

Chandler’s first solo CD since 1998’s “Ivan in Paris” features many of the usual CTP suspects – Keith Spring, Rikki Bates, Dinty Child, Mark Chenevert, Ken Field, etc., plus new bassist John Clark- and definitely is his quietest, most romantic effort to date, featuring nine new originals, plus Steve Shook’s first new song in decades, […]