Music Is Good – The Musical Christmas Rescue Mission (excerpt)

We’d like to thank the folks over at the Music is Good blog for pointing folks to Chandler’s version (albeit under the pseudonym “Remedios the Beauty”) of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” from our holiday extravaganza “Another Christmas Gift for You”

Not that it all has to be bleak midwinter or determined revisionism. Sean Smith’s […]

Holiday Shopping Free Shipping

To thank you, his loyal minions, for your fealty, the King of the World has chosen to bestow upon you the gift of free shipping, so as to make you eager to buy and such that all manner of provision for households may be bought with ease and benefit of the country round about.


The Noise (Boston) – “Another Christmas Gift For You” review

Another Christmas Gift For You


VARIOUS ARTISTS Sonic Trout Another Christmas Gift For You 21 songs

As someone who hates Christmas, and REALLY hates Christmas music, this is a perversely enjoyable surprise. Sonic Trout are label-hosts mainly to Chandler Travis Philharmonic and The Incredible Casuals, but many a furry friend and oddball offshoot […]