Get Right Back Where We Started From

In honor of our return to weekly Summer gigs at Bubala’s in Provincetown, here’s some a of the Philharmonic romping through Maxine Nightingale’s “Get Right Back Where We Started From” right across the street, in front of Spiritus Pizza, a week ago. We were playing on the sidewalk of as part of the closing party […]


“No” – the Chandler Travis Philharmonette at Bubala’s, Aug. 3, 2015, recorded by The Valet, aka Fred “Jodsworth T.” Boak. This is a really nice take of one of our more promising new tunes this summer, with a particularly touching lyric from Davey Baby Greenberger (albeit revised and meddled with a time or two by […]

A Night at Bubala’s (A Video Song(s) of the Weak!!!)

This week on Song of the Weak!!! it’s “A Night at Bubala’s” featuring several videos from Monday, August 3rd, all shot by Mike Guaragna.

“Unidentified Flying Thing” -part of the instrumental “Thing” series; includes a rare flute sighting, courtesy of Ken Field.

“Must Be Love”– the old Steve Shook classic, also available on […]

Vasco da Gama live at Bubala’s

Vasco da Gama invented spaceships way back when.You don’t hear that much about him nowadays, but way back when you did.

  “Vasco Da Gama“- Chandler Travis Philharmonette at Bubala’s Sept. 11, 2014, recorded by The Valet (aka Fred Jodsworth T. Boak); attending June Trailer Dancers: Berke McKelvey and Ken Field.

This is one […]

A Bubala’s Special!

Bubala’s special!: the Chandler Travis Philharmonette with the GGs (Edwige and Sophie Yingling and Vanessa Rose) – “Gee the Moon Is Shining Bright“; with Vanessa Rose – “Can’t Help It If I Love You So“; both from Aug. 28, 2014; and by themselves, “When I Grow Too Old To Dream“, from Sept. 4, 2014, all […]

Unidentified Flying Thing

“Unidentified Flying Thing” – Chandler Travis Philharmonette, Bubala’s, July 3 -recorded by The Valet. Lots of new songs this summer, holding off on most of them until we have better versions, but this one’s pretty good… It’s part of our “Thing” series of instrumentals that includes “Little Things”, “Thing Of It Is”, and a few […]

Midnight at Bubala’s – Celery for Everyone!

“Celery Stalks At Midnight” -Chandler Travis Philharmonette at Bubala’s, Sept. 1, 2011, recorded by The Valet. A rare Rikki Bates appearance at Bubala’s (although she’ll be there this Thursday as well), covering an old Will Bradley Orch. feat. Ray McKinley track that we all love… great for doing the Lindy Hop! Someone did a great […]

Mid-Morning in Moscow

“Mid-Morning in Moscow” – live at Bubala’s By the Bay in Provincetown, MA on September 5, 2013, recorded in our patented new Behind-the-Band Horrend-o-Phonic method by The Valet.

Chandler & I were driving to some off-Cape show recently, listening to the last few songs from the final Bubala’s show of the 2013 season, when the […]

Charley’s Prelude – Chopin to Kirby to Byron

We’re back to video for this week’s “Song of the Weak!!!”

Our friend Chef Tony Scungilli, chef/owner of one of our favorite Cape Cod restaurants Terra Luna and DJ/host of The Squid Jigger’s Blend show on community radio WOMR/WFMR, shot this video of the Philharmonette playing “Charley’s Prelude.” Originally based on Chopin’s Prelude in E […]

Today’s Viking Princess Sunset Cruise Cancelled!

Drat! Tonight’s Viking Princess Sunset Cruise with the Chandler Travis Three-o has been cancelled, due to funky weather (actually our first cancelled gig of the summer!), but tonight’s Philharmonette show at Bubalas in Provincetown is still on… we’ll start somewhere around 10ish. (how’s that for exactitude-iness?!?!)