The White Prince sings “Sleigh Ride”

An Insta-Song of the Weak for the 2012 Christmas season – it’s the White Prince singing “Sleigh Ride” at last night’s Yule for Fuel at the WHAT Julie Harris Stage in Wellfleet. We here at Chandler Travis HQ think it’s one of the most gorgeous things we’ve ever heard and had to share it with […]

Boston Globe – Man of a thousand bands Chandler Travis gets merry for holiday

By Scott McLellan, Globe Correspondent – December 06, 2012

Josh Reynolds for The Boston GlobeChandler Travis (right) with the Catbirds: (from left) Dinty Child, Rikki Bates, and Steve Wood.

At the moment, Chandler Travis is a member of the Catbirds, the Chandler Travis Three-O, the Chandler Travis Philharmonic, and the Incredible Casuals.

“I’d be […]

Merry Christmas 2012

Two Christmas songs (so far?) for our Song of the Weak for 2012 – one an update of one of last year’s Chandler Christmas demos, now fleshed out by members of the Three-O; the other a jingle for Johnny D’s Gift Certificates performed by the Catbirds.

Chandler Travis Three-O – “Christmas Day” – A brand […]

Nippertown! – LIVE: The Chandler Travis Philharmonic @ Riverlink Park, 7/7/12

The Chandler Travis Philharmonic

Review and photographs by Stanley Johnson

Riverlink Park in Amsterdam made a triumphant rise from the mess Hurricane Irene and the resultant Mohawk River flood made of the site last year. New walkways that circumnavigated the park and its strange, prehistoric monument to the earlier, native populations of the area […]

Christmas 2011 Songs of the Weak

“Christmas Day” -so far, C.T. w. John Clark on bass and Rikki Bates on drums, recorded at Trout Towers by Chris Blood

This one got written last week -wrote the lyrics, such as they are, while driving up for a Cavalcade rehearsal in Boston the night before the Johnny D’s show, and debuted it at […]

Merry Christmas from Cambridge and Rachel Jarvis

Well, first of all, merry Christmas n happy holidays n’ all… I perhaps should mention right at the top that this year’s mix is relatively silly even by my standards… also relatively filthy, as it features a couple of songs (which I’ve thoughtfully placed at the very end, to make them easy to avoid) that […]

The Barnstable Patriot – Cavalcade is comin’ to town

SUPERSTARS? Well, of course they are. It’s The Ticks, performing their chamber version of Jesus Christ Superstar at last year’s Christmas Cavalcade Benefit for the Homeless.STEVE SWAIN PHOTO

Written by Chandler Travis

Benefit for the homeless is nearly a tradition

It’s almost time for the 7th or 8th Annual Cape Cod Christmas Cavalcade Benefit […] – It’s Chandler’s Christmas Cavalcade at Johnny D’s Time Again

One of our most treasured holiday traditions returns to Johnny D’s this year, Thursday Dec. 15, the 7th or 8th Annual Boston Christmas Cavalcade Benefit for the Homeless. We asked its founder/leader/pajama-clad madman Chandler Travis what the season and the event mean to him and he e-mailed us: “Christmas is the lamest, most shameless, crass, […]

Music Is Good – The Musical Christmas Rescue Mission (excerpt)

We’d like to thank the folks over at the Music is Good blog for pointing folks to Chandler’s version (albeit under the pseudonym “Remedios the Beauty”) of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” from our holiday extravaganza “Another Christmas Gift for You”

Not that it all has to be bleak midwinter or determined revisionism. Sean Smith’s […]

Holiday Shopping Free Shipping

To thank you, his loyal minions, for your fealty, the King of the World has chosen to bestow upon you the gift of free shipping, so as to make you eager to buy and such that all manner of provision for households may be bought with ease and benefit of the country round about.