Now it Can be Told – There is a New Album in the Works!

We here at Chandler Travis World HQ have been all atwitter about the news that there is a new CD in the works. We tried like darn to keep our collective mouths shut until it was official, and now we can tell you about it.

It all started when Chandler decided to put together […]

“it’s all over the musical map, and it’s all utterly winning”


Greg Haymes at Nippertown reviewed the Three-O’s debut album “This is What Bears Look Like Underwater” and said:

[it] very well may be [Chandler’s] best album yet… and that’s saying something.

You can read the entire review here on our site and here on the Nippertown site.


Nippertown – Fred Rudofsky’s Best of 2012

We try to be a little humble here at Chandler Travis HQ, but really, how humble can a band be that refers to its leader “King of the World”?!? So please allow us to crow as the “Best of” lists start to roll out for 2012…

We want to thank Fred Rudofsky of Nippertown in […]

Happy Birthday, Denise!

Saturday, November 4, 2012 was the mmmm-mmmm’th birthday of our friend/booking agent/publicist/den mother/chef/innkeeper (did we say friend? … because really that’s what’s most important) Denise Borden. Denise has been a treasure for us over the last several years (has it been four? five? six? more? frankly, we’ve lost count, as it seems like just yesterday […]