Happy Summer (About Stinkin’ Time)!

“Winter’s Over“- the Chandler Travis Three-O (with special guests Dinty Child on mandocello and bg voc and Matt Joseph on trumpet), recorded live at the Harvest Gallery Wine Bar by The Valet (aka Jodsworh T. Boak) on May 2, 2014. OK, this is a particularly rough one -noisy crowd, and a song we hadn’t done […]

Happy St Patty’s Day!

“Barbara Allen” – the Chandler Travis Three-O, recorded after hours at Caffe Lena, March 15, 2013 by Joe Deuel and The Valet

I’ve always been a little ambivalent about Celtic music, hating most of that di-diddley- di / penny whistle n fiddle jig stuff (to the extent of lampooning it rather mercilessly on the Philharmonic’s […]

Merry Christmas 2013 from Cambridge and Rachel Jarvis

This isn’t us, it’s lots of folks I dig… many thanks to all my fellow xmas music devotees from whom I pirated much of this, including Rob Hart, Ted Potrikus, Eddie Gordetsky, Decibel Dennis, Bubbles In the Think Tank / Belinda Rawlins, Phil Straub, PJ, Jodsworth the Valet (of course!) and anyone else I […]

Second (Line) Parade – or “Let’s Have a Parade, Part 2”



We promised you a second part to our Chatham, MA 4th of July parade “Song of the Weak!!!” and as you can see now … we weren’t lying.

But what more is there to say that I didn’t say already last week? We’re still hunting for more photos and videos (hell, ANY […]

Let’s Have a Parade!


Last year we performed in our first Chatham, MA 4th of July parade, riding on a flatbed trailer towed behind a septic system pump truck. With the generator and the way we were arranged on the truck, it was tough for everyone to hear each other.

The folks in Chatham were crazy enough […]

Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Tom Waits – “Tootie Ma Is a Big Fine Thing”



CT here, presenting a bit of a departure for us here on Song of the Weak -a link to a youtube recording of “Tootie Ma Is a Big Fine Thing” by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Tom Waits, a track that’s been killing me for some time now, originally recorded some […]

Happy Birthday, King of the World

All of us here at Chandler Travis World HQ would like to wish our fearless leader a most happy of birthdays this Ides of March, 2013.

Thanks to our friend Deane Arnold for the image!

2012 Cavalcades Wrapup

Well, we did it again – we made it thru Cavalcade Season!!!

All three events (in addition to the Somerville & Cape Cod Cavalcades, we also helped organize an evening at WHAT where the Cavalcade met Yule for Fuel) were extremely successful, raising money for the Somerville Homeless Coalition and the NOAH Shelter in […]

Merry Christmas 2012 From Cambridge and Rachel Jarvis

Hey! Hey there! Here’s a whole bunch of Christmas and seasonal music, most of it by people you’ve perhaps not heard of -please do us both a favor and track down and buy stuff by the artists you dig most, so I won’t feel guilty about posting all their stuff for free! Also -have […]

The White Prince sings “Sleigh Ride”

An Insta-Song of the Weak for the 2012 Christmas season – it’s the White Prince singing “Sleigh Ride” at last night’s Yule for Fuel at the WHAT Julie Harris Stage in Wellfleet. We here at Chandler Travis HQ think it’s one of the most gorgeous things we’ve ever heard and had to share it with […]