Air Running Backwardses

It’s the “Air, Running Backwards” challenge! We dare you to like one of these versions of this old favorite better than the other!

It wasn’t until we were mastering “Bocce and Bourbon” -in fact, after we had mastered the album with the original version -that we suddenly came up with a totally re-vamped version of […]

Winston-Salem Journal – “Ivan in Paris” review

Chandler Travis Ivan In Paris Sonic Trout


Chandler Travis, the leader of The Incredible Casuals, is an unusual and entertaining man of uncommon intelligence. So it makes sense that his take on pop music, evidenced by his new solo album, Ivan In Paris, should be similarly smart, entertaining and, […]

Chandler Travis – Ivan in Paris

Aided and abetted by a large and varied cast including drummer Abe Laboriel Jr., seven-string jazz guitarist Fred Fried, Incredible Casuals bandmates Aaron Spade and Steve Wood, producer Bill Scheniman, and a host of others, Travis leans toward the quiet side on his second solo effort, but doesn’t fall over entirely. (for reviews of “Ivan”, […]