Sally’s Christmas Finery

“Sally’s Christmas Finery” -the Chandler Travis Philharmonic at the Midway Cafe, Dec. 18, 2016, recorded by the Valet.

Well, what the hell it’s Christmas, kids! This is a rather long free improv, but kinda fun… exactly the kind of crazy thing that happens at the Midway, which we’ll be returning to next year (!!) on […]

Bud and Froony


“Thank You Song” – Ct demo, circa 2008, recorded at Kelp Manor. From the new album “Bud and Froony“, a collection of songs written and recorded over the years for various Travis family occasions, most of which started life as Chandler demos, but the Incredible Casuals and the Chandler Travis Philharmonic also make […]

A Little Blast of Summer (Video)

Excerpts from “When the Roses Shine in Picardy”, “Tootie Ma”, and “Untitled” -the Chandler Travis Philharmonic at Herring Cove beach in Provincetown, Sept. 2, 2015, shot by Matt Jenson.

I’ve been dying to share these cool vids that my friend Matt Jenson took at Herring Cove last summer with you for months, but couldn’t talk […]


“No” – the Chandler Travis Philharmonette at Bubala’s, Aug. 3, 2015, recorded by The Valet, aka Fred “Jodsworth T.” Boak. This is a really nice take of one of our more promising new tunes this summer, with a particularly touching lyric from Davey Baby Greenberger (albeit revised and meddled with a time or two by […]

A Night at Bubala’s (A Video Song(s) of the Weak!!!)

This week on Song of the Weak!!! it’s “A Night at Bubala’s” featuring several videos from Monday, August 3rd, all shot by Mike Guaragna.

“Unidentified Flying Thing” -part of the instrumental “Thing” series; includes a rare flute sighting, courtesy of Ken Field.

“Must Be Love”– the old Steve Shook classic, also available on […]

Vasco da Gama live at Bubala’s

Vasco da Gama invented spaceships way back when.You don’t hear that much about him nowadays, but way back when you did.

  “Vasco Da Gama“- Chandler Travis Philharmonette at Bubala’s Sept. 11, 2014, recorded by The Valet (aka Fred Jodsworth T. Boak); attending June Trailer Dancers: Berke McKelvey and Ken Field.

This is one […]

A Bubala’s Special!

Bubala’s special!: the Chandler Travis Philharmonette with the GGs (Edwige and Sophie Yingling and Vanessa Rose) – “Gee the Moon Is Shining Bright“; with Vanessa Rose – “Can’t Help It If I Love You So“; both from Aug. 28, 2014; and by themselves, “When I Grow Too Old To Dream“, from Sept. 4, 2014, all […]

John Clark Sings!

This week on Song of the Weak: John Clark sings! A rare video of John (aka Whit Tilleston Jr.) lettin’ it rip on the old Joe Maphis favorite “Dim Lights, Thick Smoke, and Loud, Loud Music“, shot live at the Peint O Gwrw Tafran in Chatham, NY a couple weekends ago by the always formidable […]

Chandler’s on a New Record

… and when we say “record” we really mean a “record” – seven inches of pretty purple vinyl perfectly pressed with a little hole in the center to be played at 33 & 1/3 RPM. The Petite 7 Inch Record is a record about lovingly assembled by our dear friends at our favorite radio show, […]

Chandler Travis Three-o – “Ronald”


“Ronald” – the Chandler Travis Three-O w. special guest Ken Field, live at the Harvest Gallery Wine Bar, August 5th, 2011. Recorded by The Valet. A small band version of a song from the CTP’s “Tarnation & Alastair Sim” (aka “Kitty”); this one can be tough sometimes (typically, we don’t play it often […]