It’s E!

“E” – the Chandler Travis Philharmonic, from their current digital-only EP, “Waving Kissyhead, Vol. 1”, recorded by Ducky Carlisle with Joe Stewart at Dimension Sound in Jamaica Plain, MA.

“E” has always been a crowd favorite, but we play it quite rarely because a.) it’s quite loud and b.) it instantly trashes my voice. Always […]

A Happy Summer Two-fer!

Happy Summer, everyone!

We love the Summer season here at Chandler Travis International – it’s the busy time of our year, with regular weekly shows at several venues on the Cape plus a bunch of fun outdoor town shows, as well as a few travels over the bridge. In honor of this hallowed season, we […]

33 rebellions per minute – Concert Review

by Brian Block

“Let me introduce the dulcet tones of Rikki”



One outgrowth of devoting my music site specifically to albums is that I am forced, when dealing with exclusively live bands, to either ignore them, or to review albums that do not, technically, exist. The best way […]