I Got To Move (The Lester Version)

“I Got to Move“- Lester – recorded by Chris Blood at Trout Towers, circa 1992. Lester was a fabulous little band that only lasted a couple years in the early nineties, comprised of Steve Wood, Jay Cournoyer, Cliff Letsche, and myself. We made one album, the eponymously entitled “Lester”, that eventually came out as part […]

Icon Fetch – Chandler podcast interview

Chandler was interviewed by Tony Peters for the Icon Fetch interview podcast (IconFetch.com: “Where the Legends of Music are Found”). They talk about the various bands, the two most recent albums, origins of songs, songwriting methods, and all sorts of stuff – really, just give it a listen. You can listen to the interview […]

Another Christmas Gift For You from Sonic Trout Records

A collection of 21 holiday favorites (mostly originals) by Chandler Travis and his various musical pals, including the Incredible Casuals and the Chandler Travis Philharmonic, all in a variety of flimsy disguises, not to mention the amazing Steve “Woo-Woo” Wood and Pete Labonne (who is a genius) -all now re-mastered, edited down, and spiffed up […]

Stereophile – RadioBalls series review

The Radio Ball Series

By John Swenson [ed note: this is an unedited version of the review which originally appeared in Stereophile]

Radio Ball, Vols. 1-22. Iddy Biddy 7652-7673. (2000). Chandler Travis, prod. and eng. AAD TT: 44:14 — 51:36.

Rock music’s geniuses, much like the great poets of history, have by and large been […]