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All About Jazz – “Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows!” Review

Chandler Travis Philharmonic – Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows! (2010)


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By Mark Saleski

When I was a little kid, we used to take vacations out on Cape Cod. Back then there was a target ship anchored out in […]

Albany Times Union – A few questions for Chandler Travis

by Michael Janairo, Arts & Entertainment Editor

The Boston Globe calls the Chandler Travis Philharmonic “Dixieland, pop, avant-jazz, rock…and fully over the top.” Around since the fall of 1996, CTP has created something like 3 million albums and more than 20 gazillion songs (OK, I exaggerate, but CTP is definitely prolific). CTP will be coming […]

“That’s What She Said” on Kappy’s Country Music

Excerpt from “Kappy’s Country Music” on C3TV, Yamouth, MA, featuring the end of “That’s What She Said” and the beginning of “Crab Napkin”. Both songs are available on our debut album “Let’s Have a Pancake!”

Illinois Entertainer – “Let’s Have a Pancake” review

The Chandler Travis Philharmonic Let’s Have A Pancake (Sonic Trout)

By Jerome Oddbody

Let’s! Fluffy, cakey swing, no powdered sugar.

[ed note: we believe this is our shortest review]

Miles of Music MOMzine – “Let’s Have a Pancake” review

From “Tops of the Pops” by Rick Cornell

With his grandly named Chandler Travis Philharmonic , Incredible Casuals’ mainstay Travis unveils the long-sought (by me anyway) link that connects NRBQ, They Might Be Giants, and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Some have labeled the sax-, trumpet-, and trombone-drenched pop found on Let’s Have A Pancake! […]

Washington Post – “Let’s Have a Pancake” review

THE CHANDLER TRAVIS PHILHARMONIC “Let’s Have a Pancake!” Sonic Trout

It seems that Chandler Travis, best remembered, if remembered at all, for his cheery stints with Travis Shook and the Incredible Casuals, has finally stumbled upon his true calling: big bandleader. Granted, his eight-piece Philharmonic isn’t big in size so much as it is big […]

Washington City Paper – “Let’s Have a Pancake” review and concert preview

Washington City Paper’s Picks of the Week

Claiming to be “our nation’s only alternative Dixieland band”-but wont to fly off the handle when someone dares call the group “zany”-Boston’s eight-piece Chandler Travis Philharmonic takes great pride in stuffing as many musical genres (swing, Mexicali rock, country, pop) and as many different instruments (mandocello, string bass, […] – “Let’s Have a Pancake” review


by Mike SOS

It takes just a few seconds of the first track “That’s What She Said” to realize this is not like anything you’ve probably ever heard. Yup, The Chandler Travis Philharmonic is out there, but thankfully, they’re only harmful to themselves and a joy to […]

THEGLOBALMUSE.COM – “Let’s Have a Pancake” review

Chandler Travis Philharmonic – Let’s Have a Pancake Pop/Rock

by Michael Allison

In a quirky sort of way, Chandler Travis adds a unique vibe to rock music that is hasn’t seen in years. Mixing a multitude of instruments and musical styles, this CD takes the listener on a theatrical journey and frees the mind of […]