Icon Fetch – Chandler podcast interview

Chandler was interviewed by Tony Peters for the Icon Fetch interview podcast (IconFetch.com: “Where the Legends of Music are Found”). They talk about the various bands, the two most recent albums, origins of songs, songwriting methods, and all sorts of stuff – really, just give it a listen. You can listen to the interview […]

New Catbirds Song on A Record About Records for Record Store Day

Some of you may remember that last year Chandler contributed the song “Still Wanna Make a Record” to the record “Bubbles in the Think Tank presents The Petite 7 Inch Record.” It was a record about records, released in time for Record Store Day 2012, and compiled by our friends Belinda and January Fairy over […]

Rare Appearance of the Chandler Travis String Quartet

Due to snow and illness, the Chandler Travis Philharmonic’s opening set for Lord Russ’ CD release party (at the Iron Horse in Northampton, MA on February 22, 2013) was performed not by the Philharmonic but instead by the rarely seen (as in, you know … never) Chandler Travis String Quartet (Chandler on guitar, Dinty on […]

Nippertown – Fred Rudofsky’s Best of 2012

We try to be a little humble here at Chandler Travis HQ, but really, how humble can a band be that refers to its leader “King of the World”?!? So please allow us to crow as the “Best of” lists start to roll out for 2012…

We want to thank Fred Rudofsky of Nippertown in […]

Photos from CTP Show at Valentine’s in Albany


Once again special thanks to Tim Reidy over at the 3garcons tumblr site for taking some great pictures of the Philharmonic’s recent show with the great Petet Labonne at Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany, NY.

He’s posted two sets of pics, check them out set 1 here and set 2 here.

Thanks again, […]

Iddy Biddy Records presents “Catbirds Say Yeah”

The Catbirds (Rikki Bates, Dinty Child, Chandler Travis, & Steve Wood) unleash their first full-length effort, recorded by Ducky Carlisle at Ice Station Zebra in Medford, MA, a broadside against all that is quiet, tasteful, and reserved, featuring 10 originals, one cover, and Pete Labonne’s immortal “Pajama Pants Baby” -an all-out back-to-basics melee!


Nippertown – LIVE: The Chandler Travis Three-O @ Caffe Lena, 5/11/12

Review and video by Joel Patterson

The thing that makes Chandler Travis one of the archetypal showmen and performers of our age is not only his outlandish, swaggering humor. That’s the hook, I think… that’s what people mention and remember, the hysterically funny, outrageous wisecracks.

What really ropes you in is the awesomely courageous […]

Nippertown – LIVE: The Chandler Travis Philharmonic @ The Linda, 11/19/11

Chandler Travis made a Capital District stop, once again, at the Linda, this time dragging the rest of the Philharmonic with him. The last time in town – at Amsterdam’s Riverlink Park – they were missing their mandocello-accordion player, Dinty Child. All nine members made this one, albeit with a slightly different line-up. I […]

Pete Labonne

Our good friend and fellow Sonic Trout recording artist Pete Labonne now has a website and has digitized what seems to be his entire catalog for sale – 22 CDs worth of high quality (320 vbr) mp3s in all, available individually or all at once (see “Gigunda” links on his site).

Check him out […]

Railroad! The Play!

Live at Harry’s Blues Bar, Hyannis, MA, September 13, 2005

After a far-too-long hiatus of our acclaimed Railroad of the Weak series, we are pleased to bring you the WORLD PREMIERE performance of “Railroad! The Play”,written by SonicTrout recording artist / occasional CTP musician / genius Pete Labonne, performed by Chandler & Dinty, with instrumental […]