Marching Graciously

Well, the 4th of July parade with the Philharmonic Trombone Shout Band was wonderful, and Andrea Daniels shot it brilliantly, bless ‘er, so here’s the proof … can’t thank everyone -all the players and drivers (esp. Ron n Andrea) and crazy folks on the street -enough!

(ps -I know we just put another version […]

Yet Another New Christmas Song – “Yes Yes Yes, Mais Oui, Noel!”

New for 2012!

This is the World Premiere of this song – from this year’s Somerville Chrismas Cavalcade for the Homeless at Johnny D’s. Eventually we’re going to get folks to write more & more verses that get saltier & saltier as we go. Until then, you have this.

Yes Yes Yes, Mais Oui, […] – It’s Chandler’s Christmas Cavalcade at Johnny D’s Time Again

One of our most treasured holiday traditions returns to Johnny D’s this year, Thursday Dec. 15, the 7th or 8th Annual Boston Christmas Cavalcade Benefit for the Homeless. We asked its founder/leader/pajama-clad madman Chandler Travis what the season and the event mean to him and he e-mailed us: “Christmas is the lamest, most shameless, crass, […]