We celebrate the Catbirds tour with BEER!


In honor of the Catbirds‘ tour-ette of the Mid-Atlantic states, which kicks off tonight with a show at the Rodeo Bar in New York City, we bring you yet another shameless attempt at promotional synergy (a phrase we soon hope to trademark … any lawyers willing to help us pro bono? pro cher?)


Metroland – David Greenberger’s Best Live Shows of 2012


From the Albany, NY newpaper Metroland’s “Year in Live Concerts”, here is critic David Greenberger’s list of best shows of 2012, featuring one show each from the Three-O and Philharmonic, as well as a show by another of Dinty’s myriad bands, Session Americana:

1. Session Americana Caffe Lena, Jan. 14 When their bass […]