Now it Can be Told – There is a New Album in the Works!

We here at Chandler Travis World HQ have been all atwitter about the news that there is a new CD in the works. We tried like darn to keep our collective mouths shut until it was official, and now we can tell you about it.

It all started when Chandler decided to put together […]

Vinyl Goodness Needs Your Help

It’s another blatant attempt at good ol’ fashioned cross-promotion huckstering from us for this week’s Song of the Weak!!! We’d like to ask you to consider donating to a Kickstarter fundraiser to help make a record.

Bubbles in the Think Tank is one our favorite radio shows here at Chandler Travis HQ, and not […]

Verse Chaos Verse – Chandler podcast interview


Chandler was recently interviewed for the Verse Chaos Verse podcast over at They talk about Chandler & Steve meeting George Carlin, what drives Chandler, and possible new albums.

Listen to the podcast here. We highly recommend it.

It’s a Steve Shook Quadfecta!

Travis Shook & the Club Wow, by Fred Sideman


We here at Chandler Travis HQ are certainly not above some blatant huckstering for an event, particularly one as auspicious as the upcoming May 3rd Travis and Shook present the Steve Shook CD Release Party at Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater. (by the way, we’re […]

You’re Invited to a CD Release Party


We’ve mentioned Steve Shook’s new CD “Dignify” before on these pages and now we’re pleased to announce that there will be a Cape Cod CD Release Party for “Dignify” on Friday May 3 at WHAT‘s Julie Harris Stage

“Travis and Shook Present the Steve Shook CD Release Party,” will feature (of course) Steve […]

Steve Shook Debut CD – Dignify

We here at Chandler Travis World Headquarters are excited to tell you that our good friend Steve Shook (Chandler’s musical partner for many years, both in Travis, Shook & the Club Wow and the Incredible Casuals) has released his debut CD, “Dignify”.

The CD includes 6 tracks and was produced by Kimon Kirk (who had […]

Charleston Gazette – Musical Mischief Maker Chandler Travis on ‘Mountain Stage’

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. The Chandler Davis Three-O contains four people. The band, which plays "Mountain Stage" on Sunday, is (from left): Berke McKelvey, Chandler Travis, Fred Boak and John Clark.


By Bill Lynch

CHARLESTON, W.V. — Chandler Travis laughs easily. He’s got a lot to laugh about. For the most […]

Amsterdam Recorder (NY) – Riverlink Concert Series Returns Saturday

Ed Conway/For the Recorder


Recorder News Staff

The Amsterdam Riverlink Park Summer Concert Series may kickoff with a musical pajama party, though the Chandler Travis Philharmonic won’t give too much away before Saturday.

“We’ve actually been going back and forth between suits and ties and pajamas and bathrobes,” said frontman Chandler […]

Stereophile – RadioBalls series review

The Radio Ball Series

By John Swenson [ed note: this is an unedited version of the review which originally appeared in Stereophile]

Radio Ball, Vols. 1-22. Iddy Biddy 7652-7673. (2000). Chandler Travis, prod. and eng. AAD TT: 44:14 — 51:36.

Rock music’s geniuses, much like the great poets of history, have by and large been […]