giantfan – Beat Shop with Beat Fest


Tim Reidy is at it again, this time as “giantfan” over at LiveJournal.

We’re getting the feeling that our recent performance at Beat Fest, an outdoor show in front of the River St Beat Shop in Troy, NY, may turn out to be one of our most photographed shows ever. We here at […]

3garcons – Summertime at Beat Shop Block Party


We’d like to thank Tim Reidy at 3garcons for taking some great pix from our recent performance at Beat Fest, a super-fun block party we played at the River Street Beat Shop in Troy, NY and posting them on his Tumblr page. Check them all out here.


Tim also created a pretty […]

Nippertown! – LIVE: The Chandler Travis Philharmonic @ Riverlink Park, 7/7/12

The Chandler Travis Philharmonic

Review and photographs by Stanley Johnson

Riverlink Park in Amsterdam made a triumphant rise from the mess Hurricane Irene and the resultant Mohawk River flood made of the site last year. New walkways that circumnavigated the park and its strange, prehistoric monument to the earlier, native populations of the area […]