Merry Christmas from Cambridge and Rachel Jarvis

Well, first of all, merry Christmas n happy holidays n’ all… I perhaps should mention right at the top that this year’s mix is relatively silly even by my standards… also relatively filthy, as it features a couple of songs (which I’ve thoughtfully placed at the very end, to make them easy to avoid) that […]

The Barnstable Patriot – Cavalcade is comin’ to town

SUPERSTARS? Well, of course they are. It’s The Ticks, performing their chamber version of Jesus Christ Superstar at last year’s Christmas Cavalcade Benefit for the Homeless.STEVE SWAIN PHOTO

Written by Chandler Travis

Benefit for the homeless is nearly a tradition

It’s almost time for the 7th or 8th Annual Cape Cod Christmas Cavalcade Benefit […]

Zoë Lewis – “Hell But Swell”

There are a great many charming women on Cape Cod, but Zoë Lewis is really one of the truly charming-est. Her voice is playful and liquid and effortless and lovely, plus she’s a major loon. She’s British, and my wife says she’s an old soul, which I can see -she seems more like a person […]