You’ve Got A Friend in the White Prince


“You’ve Got a Friend” – the White Prince with orchestral accompaniment by the Brain Bats of Venus (aka the Incredible Casuals), recorded live at the Marbledale Pub, Marbledale, CT., by Chris Blood, circa 1983 or so (contrary to what it says in the liner notes!) From “The White Prince Story: You’ve Got a […]

Spend a Year with Chandler Travis!


Just in time for your holiday gift-giving! The Chandler Travis 2013 Desk Calendar. It features an album cover each month and we’ve included birthdays for some of your favorite Philharmonics.

Just $10. Order before Christmas and we’ll throw in free shipping and a free download of the Catbirds EP “Viborate”.

Order it now […]

Iddy Biddy Records presents “Catbirds Say Yeah”

The Catbirds (Rikki Bates, Dinty Child, Chandler Travis, & Steve Wood) unleash their first full-length effort, recorded by Ducky Carlisle at Ice Station Zebra in Medford, MA, a broadside against all that is quiet, tasteful, and reserved, featuring 10 originals, one cover, and Pete Labonne’s immortal “Pajama Pants Baby” -an all-out back-to-basics melee!


Chandler’s on a New Record

… and when we say “record” we really mean a “record” – seven inches of pretty purple vinyl perfectly pressed with a little hole in the center to be played at 33 & 1/3 RPM. The Petite 7 Inch Record is a record about lovingly assembled by our dear friends at our favorite radio show, […]

SonicTrout Digital presents “First Warm Day”

I’ve got a song I’ve been saving up for years called “First Warm Day“; it’s written about those freak early warm days you get sometimes in March and how good they feel, and we’re determined to release it on the first warm day of 2012 (not that there’s really been all that many cold days […]

Chandler Travis Three-O – “January”

A new song for the new year from Sonic Trout Digital – “January” by the Chandler Travis Three-O.

January by Chandler Travis Three-O

Chandler Travis Three-O – “Drunk Angry People Shut Up”

Now available from SonicTrout Digital – a digital release by the Chandler Travis Three-O – “Drunk Angry People Shut Up”

Drunk Angry People Shut Up by Chandler Travis Three-O

The Catbirds – “Gonna Keep Driving”

Now available is a lesson for New Year’s Eve from the Catbirds – “Gonna Keep Driving”, a new digital release from Iddy Biddy.

Gonna Keep Driving by The Catbirds

Also available as an instrumental.

Gonna Keep Driving (instrumental) by The Catbirds

Buy them both and save a little money.