The Evolution of Disappointment – Chapter Five

Disappointment (Basic Tracks) – recorded by Ducky Carlisle at Ice Station Zebra in Medford on September 16 or 17, 2013, rough mix by CT, Oct, 2014

So into the studio we go for basics, and it was fun to re-visit this pre-drum and kitchen sink version, as we’ve been lobbing all manner of kookiness onto […]

The Evolution of Disappointment – Chapter Four

This is the Valet here, Chandler asked me to write something for the long-overdue Chapter Four of our continuing series here at Chandler Travis World HQ, “The Evolution of Disappointment.” In this chapter we re-visit the first performance of the song by the full Philharmonic, recorded at the now-departed Davis Square institution, the Rosebud, on […]

The Evolution of Disappointment – Chapter Three

“Disappointment”- piano rehearsal with Cliff Spencer, March or April, 2012 –

We have an interesting problem in the Philharmonic / Three-O, which is the presence of two excellent keyboardists, alphabetically (and left to right), Berke McKelvey and Cliff Spencer.

Now, Cliff is our main keyboardist with the Philharmonic, and a marvelous asset at all […]

The Evolution of Disappointment – Chapter Two

“Disappointment”- piano rehearsal with Berke McKelvey, March 1, 2012

I wrote and cut the songwriter’s demo of “Disappointment” on March 1st, and had my first rehearsal of it with Berke four days later. We weren’t working that night, so no John Clark on bass yet (I’ll bet we tried at at Joe’s Beach Bar aka […]

The Evolution of Disappointment – Chapter One

The Evolution of Disappointment – Chapter One: A Message From the Proprieter

OK, not really sure why I thought this would be a good idea or who’d actually be interested or anything, I just thought it might be interesting to show a particular song in all the various stages of its existence, from early demo […]