Cape Cod Christmas Cavalcade 2020

Two one-hour shows, hosted by Ding Donnelly & Danny Devereaux, featuring vintage clips from Cavalcades past, plus additional surprises, the Cavalcade is a benefit for the Housing Assistance Corporation of Cape Cod (HAC). Viewing is free, but we encourage you to donate to HAC; they do great work for those who are in need and this year there are more in need than ever. You can donate to HAC directly on their website or via their PayPal account. Please let them know that you are donating because of the Cavalcade!

Part One

Performers (in order of appearance):The Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Kate & Tad from Sidewalk Driver, Cla Da Bossa Nova, Zoe Lewis, Jordan Renzi with Tad Price, Suede, Toast & Jam, Fred Fried, Broadway Central, Gip Hoppe, Kami Lyle, Tripping Lily, the Spampinato Brothers Band, Christine Rathbun Ernst, Steve Shook & the Elftone Mostly Girl Revue, the Snowflakes, Fred Boak with the Athol Thingerth, and Siobhan Magnus.

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Part Two

This deluxe edition includes many improvements over the very hastily assembled and since deleted original, including an appearance from Paulette Humanbeing, the correct audio on the first song and Ding n Danny’s intro, a re-edited “Jingle Bells Medley” lip sync, and more!

Performers (in order of appearance): The Chandler Travis Philharmonic, Trevor the Juggler, the Ticks with the Cavalcade Players, John Shuman, Pierre Beauregarde, Crabgrass, Steve Morgan & the Kingfish, Sarah Swain, the Greenheads, the Rip-It-Ups, Siobhan Magnus, Scream Along With Billy, the Catbirds, and special appearances from Jon Pousette-Dart, Jonathan Edwards, Ken Field, Paulette Humanbeing, and more…?!?

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