“it’s all over the musical map, and it’s all utterly winning”


Greg Haymes at Nippertown reviewed the Three-O’s debut album “This is What Bears Look Like Underwater” and said:

[it] very well may be [Chandler’s] best album yet… and that’s saying something.

You can read the entire review here on our site and here on the Nippertown site.


Bubbles in the Think Tank – The B’s Knees 2012


Appearances on “Best of” lists for 2012 keep coming in, and we here at Chandler Travis HQ couldn’t be more pleased.

Our friend Belinda over at Bubbles in the Think Tank included the Three-O’s “This is What Bears Look Like Underwater” and the Catbirds’ “Catbirds Say Yeah” as well as two compilations on […]

The Noise (Boston) – Review of This is What Bears Look Like Underwater


THE CHANDLER TRAVIS THREE-O This Is What Bears Look Like Underwater 14 tracks

On opening track “Little Things,” which sets the tone for much of what is to follow, it seems like Fred Boak, John Clark, Berke McKelvey, and Chandler Travis don’t so much rock out as commit acts of vaguely rock-like instrumental […]

Valley Advocate – “incisive and compelling”


Chandler Travis Three-O

This is what bears look like underwater (Iddy Biddy)

Cape Cod’s prolific pop madman Chandler Travis seems to spawn projects and albums at giddy speed. His latest, the Three-O (with four members), differentiates itself quickly, with an opening track that mixes a circus of instruments into a peppy, somehow amusing […]

Something Else! Album Review of “This is What Bears Look Like Underwater”

The Chandler Travis Three-O – This Is What Bears Look Like Underwater (2012)

by Mark Saleski

OK, so I just got done reading this impossibly stupid article (which I refuse to link to because, yes, it’s that stupid) about how jazz music isn’t popular because the artists are not writing music that the kids […]

Music Is Good – The Musical Christmas Rescue Mission (excerpt)

We’d like to thank the folks over at the Music is Good blog for pointing folks to Chandler’s version (albeit under the pseudonym “Remedios the Beauty”) of “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” from our holiday extravaganza “Another Christmas Gift for You”

Not that it all has to be bleak midwinter or determined revisionism. Sean Smith’s […]

TheCelebrityCafe.com – Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows!

Album Review: ‘Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows!’


SoundOut Consumer Insight Report – “Anne”

  Below are highlights from the “SoundOut Consumer Insight Report” on the Chandler Travis Philharmonic’s recording of “Anne” (This was a you-get-the-first-one-free situation, presented by the always heinous Sonicbids organization, the folks who made it possible for artists to pay people to reject them who used to do it for free); for no particular […]

Blurt Online – “Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows” Review

Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows!

Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows! (Seven Stars)

The world is full of acts who get it into their heads they can revive (imitate) some specific past musical genre or other and devote a career to it. They can be pretty good at it, but are also totally unnecessary when the […]

Corvallis Gazette-Times (Corvallis, OR) – “Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows!” Review

Chandler Travis Philharmonic Blows!

The Year In Spin From local to national releases, 2010 was a rich year for sounds

by Cory Frye

ALBANY — Can I be honest with you? I hate lists. They’re the bane of my existence. But, unfortunately for me, I love being a critic (grouser for profit), and […]